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I am not a writer by nature, so there is nothing poetic about this post of mine. My aim is to bring attention to the plight of freedom seeking Syrians against overwhelming odds and to convince people around the world to raise money to aid those that are the worst affected in Syria.

As I’ve mentioned before, you can contact me personally via this website or twitter to ask on how you can donate money or supplies to Syria. The most urgent supplies are medical equipment and medicine. As many are not comfortable donating via an anonymous person such as myself, below are a list of credible websites to go through.

The grim statists (via the Syrian Revolution General Commission and the LCC) Since March 15, 2011 are the following:

  • +10,000 murdered
  • Unknown number injured
  • 1 out of every 14 people killed is a child below the age of 18
  • 1 out of every 16 people killed is a woman
  • 42% of all deaths occurred in the province of Homs
  • A quarter of all deaths happened in February 2012
  • +20,000 missing
  • +100,000 jailed in prisons, schools and stadiums across Syria
  • +200,000 displaced people
  • +130,000 refugees have fled Syria 

All of this because the family and close supporters of Syria’s rulers do not wish to give up their power they hold over the Syrian people. For 40 years Syrians have lived in undignified misery, Assad and his supporters are doing all that they can to keep it this way.

You can help Syrians by donating via any of the below websites:

  • - Only international organization operating in Syria to deliver aid
  • Red Cross - The UK branch of the Red Cross in support of Syria
  • Amnesty International - Help them uncover the truth behind the murders and torture across Syria.
  • Mercy USA - Providing relief for Syrian refugees
  • Syrian Relief Care - Independent, non profit organisation consisting of volunteers from different countries that has been set up to raise money for the basic humanitarian needs of Syrians.

You can also help by contacting your local officials and representatives by sending them a letter urging them to take action on helping Syria.

  • USA - Contact your local representatives.
  • UK - Contact you local MP.
  • Australia - Contact your local MP or the PM.

If you would like to follow news on the Syrian Revolution, you can do so via the following websites:

Or on twitter:


The Revolting Syria

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