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Israeli officer poses with blindfolded Palestinians

Translation of photo comments:

Adi Tal: You’re the sexiest like that…
Eden Abergil: Yeah I know lol mummy what a day it was look how he completes my picture, I wonder if he’s got Facebook! I have to tag him in the picture! lol
Shani Cohen: LOL you psycho… I wonder who’s the photographerrrrr
Shani Cohen: Eden… he’s got a hard-on for you… lol for sure!!!
Eden Abergil: Lol no honey he’s got a hard-on for youuu this is why you took that picture lol you took my picture!!!!

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This is alright?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel.

Wow I just wanna take a baseball bat and knock the smug fucking look off her ugly face

It’s a pity that her boots, her uniform, her gun, her bullets; Everything about this bitch is funded by American tax payer money. Obama agreed to give the Israeli military $3.1 Billion/year until 2019 even while we’re almost bankrupt..

I would really love to snatch those ugly fucking eyebrows off her wonderbread ass face. These motherfuckers are so goddamn foul.

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    This is f*#king disgusting! Same goes for any of the one of our troops if they do this!!
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    Are you effing serious
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    الله ينتقم منكم امين =[!
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    disgusting piece of shit.