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Short Writings on Anarchism

From the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) and the Zabalaza Anarchist-Communist Front (ZACF). Links to .pdf files in zine format:

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Reblogged from Day one

Remember the BP oil spill?


Remember after the rescission we were going to make big businesses accountable for their mistakes? And fight for financial equality? Remember in 2008, when we were going to hold politicians to their word?

How about the BP oil spill? Remember how everybody made a vow to treat protest big oil and become more environmentally responsible?

Or SOPA? Remember how we were all going to fight for internet information freedom?

Of course not, nobody dose, because America has the attention span of a FLEA.

Oh look, Jersey shore’s back on!

(This don’t apply to everyone, just the majority of people I meet nowadays)

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